S2E02 – Excellent Smooth

We discuss Trump’s firing of his deputy attorney general, pee memes and we name some Japanese cities! In act two, we talk about Final Fantasy XV, FAKE NEWS!!, and we interview Jim-Bob, who we assume is a racist Trump supporter?

Our act three topic is State of Exception, which I’m guessing is the new Ben Affleck Oscar bait.

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Episode 018 – Human Rights and Colonialism (or, Tom Tato the Potato Lawyer)

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Act One – YES AND
Act Two – Where have all the awesome licensed platformers gone?
Act Three – Locke has a pity party and we learn about the tomtato.
Act Four – Buckle your seatbelt, it’s time for a serious discussion! Are universal human rights imperialist?

Episode 017 – 10 Scenes Every Ted Cruz Porno Should Include

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Act One – We talk about Locke’s recent trip to India, and his hatred of hippies.

Act Two – Did you know there’s a woman who looks like Ted Cruz? And that she’s doing a porn? And that Locke wants to watch Ted Cruz bottoming a big bear of a man?

Act Three – We compare listicles for women with listicles for men. The results are predictable.