Episode 018 – Human Rights and Colonialism (or, Tom Tato the Potato Lawyer)

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Act One – YES AND
Act Two – Where have all the awesome licensed platformers gone?
Act Three – Locke has a pity party and we learn about the tomtato.
Act Four – Buckle your seatbelt, it’s time for a serious discussion! Are universal human rights imperialist?

Episode 017 – 10 Scenes Every Ted Cruz Porno Should Include

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Act One – We talk about Locke’s recent trip to India, and his hatred of hippies.

Act Two – Did you know there’s a woman who looks like Ted Cruz? And that she’s doing a porn? And that Locke wants to watch Ted Cruz bottoming a big bear of a man?

Act Three – We compare listicles for women with listicles for men. The results are predictable.

Episode 015 – The New Banana Growin’ Guys Co.


Act One: Election Stuff! Pre-Michigan, though, so no big insights. Silly Startups!

Act Two: Ten Totally BIZARRE Erotica genres! REALLY PEOPLE?!?!?! Also, the craziness of Denver International Airport and Lizard People.

Act Three: Undertale! SPOILERS

[This episode is incorrectly tagged as Episode 14 instead of 15. I’ll get around to fixing it someday!]

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Episode 014 – The Ace of Base Memorial Podcast

Act 1 – We talk about Locke’s Megagame experience, as well as some depressing and not-so-depressing SILLY STARTUPS!

Act 2 – Bowie’s in Space … AS A CONSTELLATION

Act 3 – We finally get around to discussing Ex Machina, specifically it’s feminist bonafides. Does it make the cut? Well, let’s talk to two white dudes to find out!

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